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First edition of the encyclopedia book about Naliboki Forest

Oldgrowth in Naliboki forest
Oldgrowth in Naliboki forest

Naliboki Forest is my love from my childhood and student-time. Since 1983 the terrain has been a study area for almost all my studies on vertebrate predators and their prey.

Therefore, one of my desires was to prepare a detailed book about Naliboki Forest. There was an enormous amount of work, but finally in 2016 I published a three-volume book "Naliboki Forest: Land, Wildlife and Human" in Chatyry Chverci Publisher in Miensk. This first version of the book was written up in English. Now I have already much to add and improve in the English version of the book as well as I gradually translate the book into Belarusian. Hopefully, within the next 2-3 years these plans will be realized.

This is a scientific-popular book (partly scientific one) that gives a detailed information about the terrain of Naliboki Forest, which includes the relief forming, climate, geobotanic data, analysis of flora and description of the plant communities, maps and geographical names, invertebrate animal species list and gained knowledges on population ecology of vertebrate animal species as well as historical outline and ethnographic sketch.

“Naliboki Forest: Land and Plant Communities” - CHATYRY CHVERCI, 2016 - 410 pages (in English)

"Naliboki Forest: Wild animals" - CHATYRY CHVERCI, 2016 - 452 pages ( in English)

"Naliboki Forest: Historical outline and ethnographical sketch" - CHATYRY CHVERCI, 2016 - 367 pages (in English)

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Ivan Bronder
Ivan Bronder
Jan 25

Will there be a paper version for sale?

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