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In Naliboki Forest one bull bison seemed to kill another one

In Naliboki Forest in March 2020 there was discovered carcass of big bull bison. It looked like the bison died 7-10 days ago. The body was not starved, the carcass condition suggested that it was a healthy bull. Neither wolf nor brown bear nor lynx touched the carcass. Nevertheless the big piece of skin on the belly was torn. That skin was open by horn plausibly, but not by canines of a large carnivore. Over the torn skin there was large hematoma that could appear due to strong heat by head of another bull bison. Therefore, it is likely to say that the bull bison was plausibly killed by another one.

The carcass of the bull bison that was plausibly killed by another bull bison in Naliboki Forest in March 2020. On the second and third photos you see that quite big piece of skin was torn.

Here it is worthwhile to notice that according to camera-trapping results and numerous visual observations bison particularly adult males fight quite often. While fighting, if one bison tears much skin or open belly of another bison, there is not much hope that such an injured bison will survive.

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