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Lynx family house in the treefall

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Coauthor Irina Rotenko

This post mainly consists of photos. The story is simple. In the late May of 2018 in Naliboki Forest here was discovered a lair of Eurasian lynx in the quite large treefall of several layer. Moreover, the treefall was overgrown with young trees and nowadays that is a very dense thicket, where it is impossible to walk, but only climb. The litter consisted of three kittens. When kittens got not so vulnerable to disturbance by human in the mid-autumn, we put several camera-traps in the treefall in suitable spots. Really interesting photos of the lynx family life were taken during the late autumn of 2018 and then during the winter. Also, we found out that adult male lynx, perhaps, the father of the kittens and one beautifully spotted subadult female lynx visited the treefall. Often the adult male visited the place in the late February and early March of 2019, waiting for the mother heat.

The treefall.

The lynx lair with three kittens.

We are inspecting the treefall and put camera-traps there.

Subadult female that visited the treefall.

Another treefall nearby.

The lynx family is resting in the treefall.

Different lynxes from the family and the adult male lynx in the treefall.

The adult male lynx in the treefall in March.

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