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The second edition of three volume book about Naliboki Forest has been published

Recently the second edition of the Naliboki Forest book: Land, Wildlife and Human was published. The book consists of three volumes and has 1410 pages altogether. It is printed in hard covers, in full colour. Three volumes have hard cover box.

This scientific-popular book gives a detailed information about the terrain of Naliboki Forest, which include the relief forming, climate, geobotanic data, analysis of flora and description of the plant communities, maps and geographical names, invertebrate animal species list and the gained knowledge on population ecology of vertebrate animal species as well as historical outline and ethnographical sketch.

In this second edition some new text and a lot of new photo information about the forest massif have been added, as well as some improvements have been done. Online versions of all three volumes are available free on Google Books.

Volume 1. Land and plant communities. - FOUR QUATERS, 2020 - 392 pages (in English)

Volume 2. Wild animals. - FOUR QUATERS, 2020 - 596 pages (in English)

Volume 3. Historical outline and ethnographical sketch. - FOUR QUATERS, 2020 - 424 pages (in English)

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