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We renew wildlife trips in Naliboki Forest from the Naust Eco Station after the pandemic break

Coauthor Irina Rotenko

Since March we have faced with cancellation of our wildlife trips in Naliboki Forest from the Naust Eco Station because of the pandemic situation. Our research on the wolf and lynx, family life and the maintenance of eco station itself appeared without any financial support. Having some cash accumulation, renting out the guest house and thanks to some donations from our former guests (Jean-louis Bonay, Mika Mäkinen, Gerard Oonk) we were able to live and keep up our research till the late summer. There was no any possibility to accept wildlife travellers from abroad because of the corvid-related lockdown of the European Union, spreading the disease and absence of suitable flights.

Nowadays, we are renewing our work because of all the obstacles have gone. Many country lockdowns have been cancelled, Corvid-19 disease is getting quite rare in Belarus and the flights between Minsk and other cities have got back.

So, the aim of this post is to welcome to visit us for a wildlife trip in Naliboki Forest. Coming here, you give us the possibility to continue our fruitful and essential studies on the wolf and lynx that we hope favours the species conservation in the country and the whole Europe.

Our trips are quite unique. We provide a general wildlife trips, that are mainly targeted on lynxes and wolves. Only during the last working year (March 2019 - February 2020) during 38 wildlife trips 2-15 days long we showed to our guests: wolves (1 to 9) for 32 times; lynxes for 10 times, brown bears - 4 times; bison - every trips for 1-5 times.

Welcome to visit us for an individual or group trips of any trip duration. For all the questions please write to

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