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Ice drift in the Nioman river at the south-western edge of Naliboki Forest on 16th March 2021

Co-author Irina Rotenko

From one of our recent posts you got know that after so much failures of the previous winters we looked forward a real winter with a lot of snow and ice. Finally, such a harsh winter came in Naliboki Forest, and we enjoined the winter 2020-2021 a lot. In early March the heavy snow cover in the forest and ice on its rivers began melting gradually, and we started checking the Nioman and Biarezina rivers for an ice drift. Finally on 16th March after many unsuccessful attempts to see that amazing event we faced with an ice drift in the Nioman river nearby the Mikalaieva hamlet and Dzialiatsichy village at the south-western edge of Naliboki Forest. In this post we would like to share the videos and photos that we took this wonderful day.

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Mar 19, 2021

Wondeful video thanks for sharing

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